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MecaWind Std is a cost effective program used by Engineers and designers to perform Wind calculations per ASCE 7-10 and ASCE 7-16. The program is simple to use, and offers a professional looking output with all necessary wind calculations. The user also has a great deal of control at their fingertips to customize their output to suit their needs.

MecaWind Pro
The base version of the software is MecaWind Std, and it offers the most cost effective option of performing wind calculations. MecaWind Pro offers the same calculations, with the added benefit of being able to graphically see all Main Wind Force Resisting System (MWFRS) pressures on each surface. Seeing the pressures graphically gives the user a real advantage at being able to visualize what is physically occuring. Figure 3 shows a typical MWFRS graphic. The user can turn on/off different surfaces, change colors or rotate and manipulate the graphic just as you could in any 3D modeling package. In addition you can toggle between Wind Direction, +/- Internal Building Pressures and Minimum wind pressures with ease.

 To determine which MecaWind version and license best suits your needs, please use the “Purchasing Wizard” button below.  

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You may then make a one (1) page report of this MWFRS Graphic with the click of a button. Click here to see a typical one (1) page MWFRS report.

MecaWind Pro also offers the ability to calculate the total reactions at the base of the structure. This is no simple calculation, given the complexity of the pressure distributions on the roof. MecaWind Pro takes all pressures into account, and gives a simple summary of the base reactions.
In addition, the calculation output contains a detailed breakdown of exactly how these reactions were calculated:Normal to Ridge – Base Reactions – Walls+Roof +GCpi
MecaWind Pro also gives a summary of the base reactions for each case considered:Total Base Reaction Summary


CapabilityMecaWind StdMecaWind Pro
Main Wind Force Resisting System (MWFRS)
Components & CladdingYesYes
Building Types
Partially EnclosedYesYes
L-Shaped BuildingNoYes
Other Structures
Open SignsYesYes
Solid SignsYesYes
ASCE 7-10 StandardYesYes
ASCE 7-16 StandardYesYes
Solar PanelsYesYes
Rooftop EquipmentYesYes
Free Standing WallYesYes
MWFRS Pressure VisualizationNoYes
MWFRS Total Base ReactionNoYes

MecaWind Pricing:

New Lease(1)Early Renewal(2)New Lease(1)Early Renewal(2)
MecaWind Pro$285$143$565$283
Laptop License(5)$25$25N/AN/A
  1. New purchase of a license.
  2. Discounted prices if lease renewed Early (Before expiration of current lease))
  3. Single User License to be used by one (1) user on one (1) computer.
  4. Floating Network can be shared by unlimited users with same company; however, only 1 user at a time for each seat purchased.
  5. With the purchase of a Single User License, the user may purchase a special “Laptop” license to be used by that same users second computer (i.e. Laptop). This license is intended for a person who needs to use the software at work and remotely, such as on a laptop, and it is only being used by that user. Using this discounted license as an attempt to get a cheaper option of adding a 2nd user will result in termination of the license without any refund.
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Can I get a fully functioning demo to try out the software? We offer a limited capability demo’s, but we do not offer a fully functioning demo.

Does the program have a help manual? A help manual is provided with the program in the form of a pdf file. You may print the file or view it electronically.

Is technical support available for the software? Yes, technical support is available. We offer a very affordable program, and we are a lean company. This means that we must handle technical support by email . We request that questions be limited to the use of the software, we can not provide interpretations as to how to apply the code to various situations. There is an option under the “Help” menu which automatically emails the input file to Meca, and you simply provide an explanation to the problem which you are experiencing.

Do I receive a CD with my purchase? No, all software is electronically downloaded. The software is revised many times during the year, and so a CD would soon be obsolete. It is why we rely on Electronic downloads.

How quickly can I begin using the software? Our order process is completely automated. If you purchase online, you will automatically receive an email with instructions on downloading and activating the software. This information also appears on the last page of the order process. You will be using the software in minutes after purchase.

Does it meet State Codes (FL, HI, etc..)? Any state using ASCE 7-10 or 7-16. It’s difficult to keep up with all state requirements, but as far as we know all states are now following ASCE 7. Specific states that we know reference ASCE 7 include: Florida, California, Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Hawaii. (If you know other states that should be added, let us know and we will add it). Please note that we do not include any “special provisions” that might exist in local codes, we only follow ASCE 7 in the software.

What is the latest version of the ASCE 7 Standard? The latest version is ASCE 7-16.

I’m not an Engineer, is the software going to be difficult to learn? The software itself is fairly simple to use; however, the program follows the ASCE 7 standard, and honestly it is not always a simple standard to follow. You probably already know this, and that’s why you are looking to purchase software. The ASCE 7 standard uses a lot of terminology and has a lot of notes and special exceptions. The software helps navigate through those issues, but it still requires some familiarity with the ASCE 7 standard.

Do I need a copy of the ASCE 7-10 or ASCE 7-16 standard? We recommend that the user has a copy of the standard.

Does the program come with a tutorial? We have some videos which can be beneficial on our YouTube channel.

You can also purchase our EBook which is a great tool to explain wind load calculations and how to use the software to calculate wind loads.

Does the software handle oddly shaped buildings (T, L, U, etc..)? MecaWind Pro handles L-Shaped buildings; however, for other unique buildings (T, U, etc..) these shapes can be handled by making multiple analysis runs of the software. There is an example of how to do this in the Ebook that we offer