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Meca was created in 2001 by Chris Rosencutter. There was not any commercially available software for designing stacks, and so Meca introduced the first Stack software to the market. We now offer MecaStack, which is the most widely used software for stack design in the world!

The most common cause of failure for Stacks is Wind Induced Vibration (Vortex Shedding). To help Engineers solve this problem, in 2003 we began offering various damping solutions. Most companies that offer Dampers, are also in the business of fabricating the entire stack. Meca is unique in that we are only providing the solutions to specific problems (Design of Stack and Damping) and so we are not competing with the very clients we are serving.


836 W. Jasper St.
Broken Arrow, OK 74011

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* We are a small company and frequently off-site.  The absolute fastest
way to reach us is by email, not phone.  We check email throughout the day.

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