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MecaStack Software

MecaStack is the most widely used software in the world for designing self-supported and guy wire supported steel stacks. An easy to use Windows based interface allows designers to quickly model a stack. The user has complete control over the codes that are used for Along Wind, Across Wind, Stress and Fatigue. Load Combinations and factors can be customized as needed.


MecaWind Software

MecaWind is a cost effective program used by Engineers and designers to perform Wind calculations per ASCE 7-10 and ASCE 7-16. The program is simple to use, and offers a professional looking output with all necessary wind calculations. The user also has a great deal of conrol at their fingertips to customize their output to suit their needs.


Wind Example e-Book

Our new EBook provides a detailed set of wind load calculations that illustrate how to calculate wind loads per ASCE 7-10 and ASCE 7-05. In addition, the EBook provides a comparison of the various methods within each standard as well as a comparison in the results obtained following ASCE 7-10 versus ASCE 7-05.