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MecaStack Software

MecaStack is steel stack design software that is used to design steel stacks, steel chimneys, flares, exhaust stacks, etc. of a variety of dimensions and attachments. In addition, the software also performs a bending analysis of the stack to aid with the stack lifting design.  MecaStack can be used to analyze self supported stacks (free standing) and guyed stacks (guy wire supported, PRO Version).  Similarly, it can be used for design of steel chimneys or stacks that are braced on a building or other structures by lateral bracing.  Above all, the software is very easy to use and extremely versatile at handling a wide range of problems and designs.

Some of the components that MecaStack incorporates are:

  • Ladders and Platforms
  • Stiffening Rings
  • Structural Flanges
  • Damping devices (Software does not design the Damper)
  • Flare Tips
  • Insulation/Refractory/Jacket
  • Breaches/Nozzles (Stack Openings)
  • Piping
MecaStack Features


  • 3D Graphics
  • Customizable Load Combinations
  • P-Delta Analysis
  • Nozzle Local Stress (WRC 537/107)  (Pro)
  • Guy Wire and Lug Design (Pro)
  • Lifting Analysis of Stack
  • Toggle Between Imperial & Metric Units
  • Baseplate Design
  • Calculate Frequency for Higher Modes

Steel Stack Design Codes

The user has complete control over the design codes that are used for Along Wind, Across Wind, Stress and Fatigue. In addition, the load combinations and factors can be customized as needed or auto-populated per the design code selected.  There are several comprehensive steel chimney design codes available within the MecaStack design software:

  • American Standard: ASME STS-1
  • Indian Standard
  • British Standard
  • Euro Standard
  • Canadian Standard
  • Brazilian Standard (NBR 6123)
  • ISO 13705 (Formerly API-560)
  • Mexican Standard CFE
MecaStack Design Codes

Seismic Design Codes:

There are several seismic design codes available:

  • Indian (IS1893)
  • UBC 97
  • Manual Entry
  • International Building Code (IBC)
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • National Building Code of Canada (NBCC)
  • EuroNorm (EN 1998-6)
MecaStack Seismic Codes

Lifting Steel Stack Design Analysis and Extraction

Another critical item with steel stack design, is the lifting analysis portion of the design. It’s great when the stack design comes together and shows it will work when the stack is erected, but if the stack can’t be lifted into position then it is all for not and it could create a dangerous situation for those around. Sometimes to ease the stress the stack incurs when being lifted, it is wise to lift the stack in multiple sections instead of one large section. Although MecaStack provides the user with the ability to analyze the stack lifting design as a whole, it also allows the user to extract certain sections of their stack lifting design to analyze how it will perform during the lifting process.

This only analyzes the stack itself and not the lifting attachments used to lift the stack. If you are interested in also analyzing the lifting lugs, please look into our MecaLug software.

MecaStack Stack Lifting Design Menu
MecaStack Steel Stack Lifting Design
MecaStack Steel Stack Lifting Design
MecaStack Steel Stack Lifting Design

Stack Analysis Output

Output reports are customizable in MecaStack. The user can select from a table of contents which items are going to be presented in the final report and save this configuration in a .TOC file so they don’t have to reselect those items again for future reports. Also, by clicking on any of the table of contents items, it will take the user directly to that section for further investigation. Sections involving “Pass” or “Fail” criteria are displayed with the colors green for passing and red for failing. This allows the user to quickly determine if there are any problems in the steel chimney.

MecaStack Output Window


A comprehensive online training program on the use of MecaStack and some basic guidance on stack design, as well as, common problems that may occur is available for purchase at our store for $300. The course is for accessible for 1 user for 60 days. Upon completion of the course the user will receive a certificate indicating that they have completed the course. 

The training covers topics such as: 

* Overall Layout of the software
* How to enter data into all forms
* How to navigate output
* Work through a real world problem and the issues that can arise
* Vortex Shedding
* How to handle Helical Strakes, Tuned Mass Dampers and Damping Pads
* Tips and reference information for download and future user
* Test to verify the students knowledge
* Certificate indicating that the student has completed the course

MecaStack Pro Version

MecaStack Pro Version

If you need to perform an analysis of a Guy Wire supported stack, then you will need the Pro version of MecaStack.  Guyed steel stack design can be extremely complicated. The designer must consider the nonlinearity of the cables as well as all combinations of load direction, corrosion and temperature in order to find the worst case for each element of the design. Most general purpose structural programs (StaadPro, Risa, etc.) simply don’t handle guyed stack design adequately, or they make it extremely difficult and time consuming. However, MecaStack not only makes modeling a guyed stack simple, but it automatically constructs an array of load cases in different loading directions to ensure that the worst case scenarios for each element of the design is captured. In addition, it also helps with the selection of the appropriate guy wire hardware and with the design of the guy lug attachment to the stack.

The design of a single guyed stack usually saves enough time to recover the cost of the software.

MecaStack Steel Stack Design Software Version Comparison

Feature Standard Version Pro Version
Single User Pricing $1,799 $2,899
Self-Supported Stack Meca Enterprise Icon Meca Enterprise Icon
Stack with Lateral Guides Meca Enterprise Icon Meca Enterprise Icon
Lifting Analysis Meca Enterprise Icon Meca Enterprise Icon
P-Delta Analysis Meca Enterprise Icon Meca Enterprise Icon
Guy Wire Supported Stack Meca Enterprise Icon
Nozzle Local Stress (WRC 537/107) Meca Enterprise Icon

Fill out the “MecaStack Version Wizard” (found below) to receive an email for what version of the software would best meet your needs based on the parameters you entered.

MecaStack Version Wizard

MecaStack Lease
Meca Single Vs Network


Can I get a fully functioning demo to try out the software?
We offer a limited demo, but we do not offer a fully functioning demo.

Does the program have a help manual?
The software has a help manual which is searchable and can be navigated on the computer, but is not suitable for printing.

How quickly can I begin using the software?
Our order process is completely automated. If you purchase online, you will automatically receive an email with instructions on downloading and activating the software. This information also appears on the last page of the order process. You will be using the software in minutes after purchase.

How do I renew the lease on my software to get the Early Pricing?
Thirty (30) days prior the the expiration date on your lease, you should receive an email reminder. In addition, any time you open the software within that 30 day period prior to expiration, you will get a warning in the software that it’s about to expire. To renew pricing and get the best pricing, go to the “Customer Portal” option at the top of this page. Log into our customer portal, and then go to “Renewals and Upgrades”. Here you should see the [Early] renewal option. Place the order online, and the expiration date will automatically be extended by one (1) year.

What is new in MecaStack?
We have created several videos to help show the improvements in MecaStack, as well as how to solve certain common problems. Visit


Refunds must occur within 72 hours of purchase and for any time after which store credit will be considered on a case by case basis. The customer will need to email [email protected] with their refund request with proof of purchase attached.