Meca Single Vs Network
Meca’s software comes in two (2) different licensing configurations, Single User and Floating Network.

Single User License

This licensing is for a single user to be installed on a single computer. It can be moved to another computer in the event of a computer malfunction. However the license is not to be utilized by more than one user. In the event that a single user has a need for a second computer (i.e. Laptop), then we do offer special pricing to add a license for the laptop. Please note that you must purchase a primary license before you are eligible to purchase a laptop license. There is no second laptop license option for MecaStack. If needed a MecaStack Single User License can be moved to a laptop for travel purposes.

FAQ’s Single User License:

Do I have to be connected to the internet to utilize the software?
It is possible to run the single user version of the software without an internet connection.

Can I share the software with Coworkers?
A single user license can only be used on a single computer.

Floating Network License

This license offers the ability to share one license with an unlimited number of users. If one license is purchased, then only one user will be able to run the program at a given time. However once that user closed the software, then another user may utilize the software.

FAQ’s Floating Network License:

Do I have to be connected to the internet to utilize the software?
The floating network license does require an internet connection to run. Otherwise the software will not function properly.

Can I share the software with Coworkers?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of users who can share a seat. However only one (1) user per seat will be able to utilize the software at a given time.

How do I set up software on a laptop when traveling?
You would login to the software just as you would normally. Internet access and an available seat are required.