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New and Existing Software Customers

How does the Single User and Floating Network License work?
Please view our licensing page for more details and FAQ’s.

How do I know if I need MecaWind Standard or MecaWind Pro?
Do you perform detailed MWFRS Calculations? If yes, then you need MecaWind Pro.

How do I know if I need a Single User or a Floating Network License?
Do you need to share a license with 2 or more individuals? If yes, then you need a Floating Network License.

How do I use the program, is there a tutorial?
Under the Help menu there is a “Help Manual” that can be reviewed and saved for reference. We would also recommend that you visit our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/mecaenterprises to view some helpful videos and tutorials regarding our software.

I’m an original MecaWind Customer, what are my new options?
Please visit the customer portal and select “Renewals & Upgrades” to view all available options. You can also reach us via email at [email protected].

What is the latest version of the software?
Click on the following links for the latest revision history for each software program:
MecaStack Revision History
MecaWind Revision History

How do I download the latest version of my software?
Login to the customer portal and click on “Downloads”. There will be a link for the latest version.

What will happen when the lease expires?
The software license will revert to demo mode.

How do I renew the software lease?
Login to the customer portal and click on “Renewals & Upgrades”. You will see any renewals that are available. If a license has multiple renewal options, always pick the one that has [Early] in the description, that represents the lowest price with the early bird discount applied. You may also select [Auto], which allows you to set up automatic renewal each year.

When does my software lease expire?
Login to the customer portal and select “Downloads” to view all license expiration dates associated with your account.

Can I upgrade from the MecaWind Standard to MecaWind Pro?
Yes you can upgrade from the standard version to the Pro version, you may also upgrade from a Single User to a Floating Network User. Simply login to the customer portal and select “Renewal & Upgrades” to view all of your options. Please note that there is a charge for upgrading and charge for renewing. These are two separate charges and are often confused. If you upgrade from the Standard Version to the Pro Version one month before your lease expires, you will then also have to renew your lease on its expiration date. If you would like to upgrade, it is often best to renew your lease first, then upgrade.

I can’t remember my login information?
Please go to the customer portal and select the “Forgot my Password” option. If you are unable to retrieve your password via this option then send us an email at [email protected]. Please note that when you send us an email regarding a password issue, we require specific information. Please be prepared to provide us with the following information: Customer ID, License #, Company Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Physical Address associated with your account. The more information provided, the quicker we can assist you.

I’m analyzing a Widget and I need to know how to enter it into the software?
If you send us an email at [email protected], we will attempt to answer. However these types of analysis normally utilize engineering judgment. Therefore since our expertise is the area of Stack design, we can often provide some direction. However with MecaWind we get many questions about how to model specific situations, since we are not building designers we are limited in how much assistance we can offer on these questions.

My anti-virus software keeps deleting or blocking the software program?
There are instances where your virus software is blocking the software from either installing, running or activating. Sometimes when trying to activate, you will receive a message that the software is not receiving anything back from the server. Often this is a case where the virus software on your computer is blocking the security system in our software. If you think that your virus software may be blocking the software from activating, please google how to add an “Exclusion” or “Exception” to the virus software, and then follow those steps…. Then add the entire installed folder to the exclusion following these instructions found in your google search. This would be c:\program files (x86)\MecaWind or c:\program files (x86)\MecaStack, depending upon which software you have installed.

I think the software has a bug, what’s next?
Under the Help menu select the option called “Report Bug” and type in a detailed description regarding the problem you have encountered. If the “Report Bug” option doesn’t work, then please email us at [email protected]. When you email us, please make sure to attach the input file that is associated with the bug. Please note that we cannot properly analyze the issue with just an email informing us about what you modeled. We require the input file in order to analyze and correct any issues.