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MecaStack Default File

by | May 14, 2019 | Stack

There is a feature in MecaStack that is seldom used, but can be very helpful. It’s a feature under the File Menu called “Save Current File as Default”.

What does it do?

When this feature is is selected, it takes the current file and sets it up as the default file that will be opened the next time you launch MecaStack. This is useful for a couple of reasons:

1) If you are working on a particular stack design frequently, then each time you launch MecaStack this same file will be automatically loaded. This saves you the trouble of going and opening the file each time you start working on MecaStack.

2) You can use this feature to save “Default” values that you would like to use most frequently. For example, you typically do work in a certain region and use the same codes and/or parameters (Wind speed, seismic, etc..) repeatedly, then you can enter those values into a file, and then “Save Current File as Default”. Now these will be the values present each time you open MecaStack. The entire file is saved as default, and so if you have any Geometry, attachments, etc.., those parameters are also going to be saved to the default file.

Bonus Tip:

Even though you only have one code selected, all of the code parameters are saved in the file. For example, lets say you are using ASME STS-1 as your code, and you enter those values and then you can save that file as default; however, even though you didn’t use British, Euro, CICIND, etc.., those parameters are still saved to the file. Therefore you could go in and select each code and enter some default values, and then when you save the file all of those default values will be saved to the input file.