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MecaWind is like Driving a Car

Jun 25, 2019

The new MecaWind release provides a new way to select the method used for the Main Wind Force Resisting System (MWFRS) and the Components and Cladding (C&C). The results can be different based upon the MWFRS method and C&C method selected.  The question now is which one should you use on your design?

Which MWFRS or C&C Method should I use?

There are many different options available in ASCE 7 for Main Wind Force Resisting (MWFRS) and Components and Cladding (C&C) which can be used. Some of the simplified options are designed to allow the user to look up the values in tables and avoid lengthy computations. When using software, none of the methods are really simpler than the others, since it’s simply a click of the button to change. The new MecaWind has re-designed the process by which you can select the methods.

The image to the right is the layout of the MWFRS method selections. Click the “i” button to get a description of the method in the box below.


On the form, there are RED circles and GREEN circles. Think of these like a traffic light, RED is bad and GREEN is good. MWFRS Methods that are green mean that you meet the criteria for that section, and can use it. RED indicates that you do not meet the criteria. For example, in the image of the MWFRS Method Selection you can see for Ch 28 Pt 2 we meet all criteria (GREEN) except the Simple Diaphragm (RED). If we change the building to be a Simple Diaphragm, then we can select Ch 28 Pt 2.

Select a MWFRS method that is applicable, and then you can run the analysis and look at the results. If you want to compare results from different methods then simply go back to the MWFRS method form and change to another valid (GREEN) option and perform analysis.

Components and Cladding:

The same basic concepts apply when selecting C&C Methods as they did with the MWFRS method. GREEN circles are methods you can select, and RED circles indicate not all criteria is being met for that method. Select a valid GREEN method and compare results.

Components and Cladding Selection menu